Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society

Benefits & Privileges

Alpha Beta Kappa is the "premier national honor society" for America's private postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges and universities. Alpha Beta Kappa places chapters in institutions which have demonstrated high standards over a period of many years in the education and training of women and men in the numerous fields, trades and occupations essential to modern society. The purpose of the Society is to encourage and recognize superior student academic achievement, character, and leadership.

Student Privileges and Honors

  1. National Student Recognition
  2. Reference Alpha Beta Kappa on all Future Resumes
  3. Lifetime Membership (no annual dues)
  4. Letters of Reference (upon request)
  5. Personalized Membership Certificate - Certificates profile the honor student, their institution, and chapter.
  6. Each Certificate includes the Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Seal of Distinction.
  7. ABK Gold Key - Members receive the distinctive Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Key. Each honor student also receives a special congratulatory letter from Alpha Beta Kappa and a narrative about the society.
Institutional Benefits

  • Each institution is given a chapter and unique chapter name.
  • Each institution receives its own official charter.
  • Institutions operate ABK chapters independently and contribute in determining their own initial standards and selection criteria.
  • Participation in Alpha Beta Kappa supports admissions and helps to recruit better students.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa membership publicly demonstrates that the institution is quality-driven.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa membership helps to promote programs and institutional effectiveness.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa membership builds morale; and serves as a tremendous tribute to faculty.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa honors are also presented to outstanding students, faculty, and staff. At many chapters, honorary memberships are presented to community leaders, elected officials, and special guest speakers.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa Membership demonstrates that the institution is committed to students. More importantly, membership brings honor and earned recognition to those individuals who have worked so diligently to learn a marketable skill.
Alpha Beta Kappa Special Services

  • Alpha Beta Kappa honors are promptly delivered to your institution (or directly to students) and all recognition materials arrive ready for ceremonial presentations.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa honors are the highlight of most graduations and Alpha Beta Kappa honor cords bring added distinction to most formal ceremonies.
  • Alpha Beta Kappa maintains complete historical records for each chapter.
  • Responds to all inquiries from employers, colleges, graduate schools, and scholarship committees.

For additional information or references, please contact:

Alpha Beta Kappa
National Honor Society
31257 Bird Haven Street
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