Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society

Promoting Your Chapter

To publicize the nature of the Society and the requirements for membership, Chapters can reference the Society in all printed material (newsletter or newspaper) and post information on institutional websites. Alpha Beta Kappa will also promote all participating Chapters nationally.

Display your Charter

Each Chapter received its own Charter. This Charter should be proudly displayed in a location for all visitors and current students to view. The original Charter which was issued to the administration, faculty, staff and students included the name of the institution, date the Charter was officially issued and the Greek name of the Chapter. To replace your Charter or request a newly framed Charter, please contact us at the email address below.

Alpha Beta Kappa Selection Committee (Not Applicable to all Chapters)

To choose potential candidates to be honored, some Chapters form an Alpha Beta Kappa Selection Committee. This committee could be composed of the president or director, chapter president, two or three student representatives or soon to be inductees, a faculty leader, one or two alumni members, and if possible, a few state or local officials.

The ABK Selection Committee can be instrumental in helping to promote your Chapter. Committee members can circulate promotional material, meet with potential candidates, and attend major events.

Ceremonies and Special Events

At some Chapters, a special event or ceremony is scheduled to recognize each Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Graduate. During this ceremony, a representative (president, director, dean, director of education) reads a short narrative describing Alpha Beta Kappa and the qualifications for membership. Some Chapters also invite employers or alumni members to participate. Each honor graduate receives the Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Key and Membership Certificate at this time.

Visual Displays

To consistently promote ABK Honors and honor graduates, many Chapters establish a visual display in a place of prominence within the institution. This display could include the following items*:

1. ABK Original Charter
2. ABK Outstanding Inductees (2 or 3 Student Profiles)
3. ABK Sample Certificates
4. ABK Crest Image
5. ABK Gold Key Image
6. ABK Overview
7. ABK Qualifications for Membership (as established by your institution)
8. Photographs as taken during Special Ceremonies

These items should also be posted to your institutional Web site and could include application material if desired.  To request any of the items as listed above, please contact us at the email address below.

Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

For additional support or special assistance in promoting your Chapter, please contact Christopher Davis, President, and Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society at 302-539-0246 or